Underwriters Labarotories UL

On September 2016 Megasafe sent two safes, a TL-30 and a TL-30x6, to be tested in UL Chicago, an independent laboratory for consumer safety and the most respected institute in the safe and vault industry worldwide. Megasafe successfully passed both tests, the TL-30 AND the TL-30x6 on the first attempt. The highly skilled team of safe engineers were not able to penetrate the safes within the 30minute time frame. The TL-30x6 was even tested by the unforgiving core drill for 30minutes straight with multiple tool changing swapping the dull tool with a new sharp tool with no success. A surprise even to the UL engineers. This once again confirms that Megasafe designs and builds one of the strongest safes available today.

We at Megasafe Macedonia believe that in order to build a strong safe you must truly have great passion for safes -to live and breath safes every day, to build safes how they used to be made with exceptional robustness and quality -a feature less and less evident in today's cost cutting manufacturing. This together with the ability to properly identify the methods used by criminals with their array of sophisticated tools is the key to produce a safe to live up to legacy of more than 100years.

ISO 9001:2008 and European Norm (EN) for Security Doors

In its strive to effectively accommodate market demands and take better control of business processes Megasafe has implemented and maintains a quality management system which meets the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2008 as well as to the European Normative (EN). All employees in Megasafe are involved in continuous improvement process, which results in assuring quality in all stages of the business process.