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MEGASAFE introduces our new generation of single-leaf security doors –renowned for their high level of security, quality,robustness, technical performance and design. Having positioned itself as a leader in manufacturing of security doors, we offer you REAL Security with unmatched Design.

MEGASAFE Single Leaf Securiy doors are the perfect protection one can possibly get for residential apartments.

Don't be fooled by doors thatclaim to be security doors but don't pass even the lowest level of security.

Megasafe custom builds each and every door for every customer since 1995 with thousands of installations and satisfied customers who have trusted their homes to us.


  • Safe-type or Cylinder coded High-Security Locks with defender protection,
    anti pick and anti snap technology (made in Italy)
  • 10-13 points of locking on 3 sides (6 active bolts and 4 dead bolts on hinge side)
  • Thickness of Wing: 75mm
  • All steel construction (wing and frame)
  • Fireproof rated 90 minutes tested by the national testing Laboratory
  • Thermal and Sound isolating material embedded in wing
  • Wood-grain “mediapan” or PVC panels with 7-8mm thickness on both sides
  • Day-bolt dead bolt or Day-bolt for partially opening door
  • Spyhole with wide viewing angle 180º
  • Wing weight 85kg
  • Heavy duty adjustable hinge with ball bearing for easy opening/closing