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The IT40 vault door is constructed of inner and outer electric ally welded steel plates enclosing 40mm (1 ½ ”) of Megasafe’s new superior highdensity composite barrier material. In addition to this monolith, the entire door is covered by drill resistive "megasteel" anti penetration plates a matirx grid and our "Z" reinforcement bars. The entire door has overall thickness of 7.1" (180mm). The combination of Megasafe’s barrier materials provide the door a unique strength to protectagainst sophisticated and concentrated modern tool and torch attacks.


Factory-casted reinforced composite barrier material around entire door frame making anexceptionally strong door jamb area providing no weak points for attackfound only onMEGASAFE vault doors. A rail around the door closes into a channel on the door’s frame in such a way making an extremely fire resistant vault door.


The vault door is equipped with UL Listed mechanical or electronic combination lock and a 9-lever double bitted maximum security key lock.




Boltwork and Relocking Mechanism

Megasafe’s patented 3 way, laser-cut locking mechanism activates massive 35mm (1 3/8” ) bolts. Static bolts secure the door on the hinge side. A tempered glass plate protects the vital mechanism area. An attack by tool, torch or explosives will shatter the glass activating the individual relocking devices thus preventing the vault door being opened. Finally, each bolt locks into individual chambers in the frame.