Each door can be fitted with the following optional equipment:

Mechanical Combination lock with deadbolt (No batteries or electrical wiring needed). No batteries to die out or replace. Never have to worry about being locked out due to an empty battery. This lock is purely mechanical. The knob can be turned and the bolt retracted only after dialing in the correct combination of numbers and letters.  Use only the mechanical lock without having to carrying a key or use both the codelock and the standard key-operatoed main lock of the door for a very high level of security. (both key and combination will be needed to open the door) -the perfect solution for years of worry-free operation.




Spy Hole Color or Black/White camera

This concealed camera replaces the standard spy hole viewer and lets you view visitors  from a TV or CCTV Monitor. It is a perfect home security solution when the entrance door is located on a different level or further away within the building living premesis. Can be used together with an electric strike lock and video door phone for unlocking the door (granting access to the visitor) remotely.


Fingerprint Access Control Electronic Lock

This biometric lock uses the most sophisticated and unique code of all - the one located on your finger.
Forget carrying around keys when you can open your door with a swipe of a finger.

It features:
-Waterproof and dustproof IP65
-Metal Casing - VandalProof                              
-100 fingerprint capacity -"Master finger" for adding/deleting users-fingers
-no software or computer needed-can be installed standalone
with an electric strike lock or integrated with alarm system


Video Door Camera with Display

Converts your standard syp hole viewer into a video door camera with motion detection, recording option and viewing outside without revealing weather or not someone is home.